Eddy Planckaert: his greatest victory

by Cillian Kelly which is better? winning a race or sex? hard to decide? Eddy Planckaert found the perfect solution... Winning a race is the ultimate goal for any cyclist. It is the culmination of the work of dozens of people, team managers, masseurs, domestiques and of course the winning cyclist. Some cyclists spend their … Continue reading Eddy Planckaert: his greatest victory

the Tour of Flanders gets fiddled with yet again

Amidst all the brouhaha that our favourite sport’s world class dopers-with-a-cycling-problem have brought us in recent times, has been another casualty, stacked in a body bag alongside Lance’s honesty, withered and dried up almost beyond recognition. Except it wasn’t a man, nor a team that had fallen by the wayside, but a race. A race … Continue reading the Tour of Flanders gets fiddled with yet again

Sagan, sucking, squeezing and striving

Sagan squeezed, we suck, and sport has to strive for better. naive at best is what you could call Sagan's actions at the weekend. yet those amongst the organising committee who chose to follow 'tradition' and have long-legged chicitas in short skirts and big hair parading like trophies around the podium bear just as much … Continue reading Sagan, sucking, squeezing and striving