crankpunk’s 2014: ‘swollen’ is the word

It's been quite a year here at, quite a mad, mad 363 days and counting. The website has gone from strength to strength thanks largely to a bunch of angry Americans flipping out every time they hear the Holy Trinity (Lance, Levi & George) getting called out. I never go chasing numbers but I … Continue reading crankpunk’s 2014: ‘swollen’ is the word

cp on the tv

i was invited to attend yesterday's press launch of the 2013 Taiwan Cyclist Federation 'Tawian KOM Challenge' that will take place this year on November the 9th. this event goes from 0m to 3275m, from the ocean in Hualien city up to the top of Mt. Wuling. the last 8km is 17.9% average! it is … Continue reading cp on the tv