Taiwan Local Bike Shop Extraordinaire

Due to the excellent T-Mosaic bike shop having moved location, my default LBS is now the Author Bikes shop about 4km from my house here in Taichung, Taiwan. This place is massive, and in all honesty I'd be quite happy to live here. They have three levels in the store and another two above, one … Continue reading Taiwan Local Bike Shop Extraordinaire

Danny MacAskill in Taichung

when Danny MacAskill came to Taichung to make a film for his sponsor, Lezyne, i was fortunate enough to meet up with him and see some of the stunts live. what blew me away was the dedication he put into everything he did. one of these tricks took almost 2 hours to nail, but he … Continue reading Danny MacAskill in Taichung

the why and the wherefore

the rain started to fall on top of the 21. big fat drops of wet, splattering in patches onto the smooth tarmac atop the 8 kilometer descent, a beautiful descent, long and mesmeric, three hairpins and the rest a fast, flowing groove through the jungle. but not this time, this time it was slower, more … Continue reading the why and the wherefore

the real beauty of Taiwan, cp vid#1

well, incredibly enough, seems just as many people came to have a look at the TMBK girl in the past few hours as they did in 24 hours to see the previous most popular post on cp. 'sex sells' as they say, or you could plump for this gem from the interweb industry: 'chicks mean … Continue reading the real beauty of Taiwan, cp vid#1