Lee’s Lowdown on PEZ: the bicycle in war

Third installment of my weekly column over on PezCycling News, this one is about the use of the trusty old bicycle during wartime, from pre-1900 to just last year, when a bike was loaded with explosives and lots of sharp nasty things and used to kill 45 people at a market in Kandahar. Yeah. Nice … Continue reading Lee’s Lowdown on PEZ: the bicycle in war

2013 Taiwan KOM Challenge

whooP! what a week that was. i was fortunate enough to be asked to represent the Taiwan Cyclist Federation as their Foreign Rider & Media co-ordinator during the recent 2013 Taiwan KOM Challenge. this involved having to host the official opening ceremony at about 2 hours notice, dealing with stress levels that went almost as … Continue reading 2013 Taiwan KOM Challenge