Nicole Cooke and le crankpunk visit the Lezyne factory

i'm not a sycophant - well maybe for Ma CrankPunk (yes she gets caps), because She Is The Greatest - but when Nicole Cooke rocks into town even i get a little starstruck. World & Olympic champ, winner of the Giro, the Tour, Flanders and on and on, there at Taichung train station i strolled … Continue reading Nicole Cooke and le crankpunk visit the Lezyne factory

crankpunk adventures on Lezyne

Lezyne have been sponsoring me for as long as I can remember, in one form or another - i think it might be around 4 years now. the support has always been top notch, as have the products. here is a report on the Lezyne website that was up on here a few days ago, … Continue reading crankpunk adventures on Lezyne

another podium, another sunstroke

last Saturday was the 3rd round in the Taiwan Club Series Championships, a season-long competition run by the hard-working Taiwan Cyclist Federation that I've yet to be able to completely participate in due to overseas racing commitments. there isn't much racing in Taiwan so it's a shame that i usually miss the good parts of … Continue reading another podium, another sunstroke

Taipe Bike Show

underwhelming, i'd say if i had to choose one word to sum up the TBS. most interesting thing about was - and yes they do sponsor me but it's true - the BLK TEC all-carbon, bladed spoke wheels. or maybe i'm just being an old crank. it's a distinct possibility. one very awesome moment was … Continue reading Taipe Bike Show

Crank Punk Coaching Systems-Lapierre Cycling Project has arrived!

possibly the longest team name in the history of cycling and there's only one man on the team... disaffected with most of my experiences on cycling teams i had an idea towards the end of last season - why don't I race independently, forget racing UCI events, focus on the regional and international elite amateur … Continue reading Crank Punk Coaching Systems-Lapierre Cycling Project has arrived!

LEZYNE sponsoring crankpunk in 2014

Thrilled to announce that I'm going to be sponsored this year by LEZYNE, using their kick-ass products as I venture off racing road and MTB in Taiwan, Asia and the rest of the world! I'll be joining a select few athletes that also represent LEZYNE such as Cedric Garcia, mad MTB legend from France, the … Continue reading LEZYNE sponsoring crankpunk in 2014

Danny MacAskill in Taichung

when Danny MacAskill came to Taichung to make a film for his sponsor, Lezyne, i was fortunate enough to meet up with him and see some of the stunts live. what blew me away was the dedication he put into everything he did. one of these tricks took almost 2 hours to nail, but he … Continue reading Danny MacAskill in Taichung