Cillian Kelly on CrankPunk makes the footnotes of the CIRC report

I said this earlier today on Twitter: the CIRC folk could have saved themselves a lot of time if they'd just read in the first place. It was a bit of a glib comment but, a little amazingly, it seems that the CIRC folk did indeed do just that when doing research for the … Continue reading Cillian Kelly on CrankPunk makes the footnotes of the CIRC report

doping: does nothing ever change?

  By Cillian Kelly, of Irish Peloton and the Velocast podcast ________________________________________   "We learn from history that we never learn anything from history." Hegel   In October last year, the Italian cyclist Mauro Santambrogio opened up his smartphone, browsed to the twitter app, typed in two words and pressed ‘send’. Four months earlier, Santambrogio … Continue reading doping: does nothing ever change?

Can Wiggins win Paris-Roubaix?

by Cillian Kelly Milan San Remo: 2nd Tour of Flanders: 7th Paris-Roubaix: 4th Liege-Bastogne-Liege: 3rd Tour of Lombardy: 2nd These are the best results in all five monument classics in the career of a particular cyclist. It's an impressive collection of placings for any rider in any era. This rider, despite never making the podium … Continue reading Can Wiggins win Paris-Roubaix?

Eddy Planckaert: his greatest victory

by Cillian Kelly which is better? winning a race or sex? hard to decide? Eddy Planckaert found the perfect solution... Winning a race is the ultimate goal for any cyclist. It is the culmination of the work of dozens of people, team managers, masseurs, domestiques and of course the winning cyclist. Some cyclists spend their … Continue reading Eddy Planckaert: his greatest victory

Hein Verbruggen: personification of the Omerta

by Cillian Kelly, creator of Irish Peloton and host on the excellent VeloCast.   Cycling history is littered with scandals. The doping stories test the patience of fans and test the willingness of sponsors to part with cash. They no doubt test the patience of the riders too, both the doping and the non-doping variety. … Continue reading Hein Verbruggen: personification of the Omerta

crankpunk takes over the world media – no, really!

thanks to my friend Damian Barrett for putting me onto the latest Velocast podcast, episode 35, in which i get a mention from Cillian Kelly in regards to crankpunk and the doping problem in Asia. check the link below, Cillian goes all punky at about 27 minutes...