doping amnesia rife in cycling

by crankpunkthis article originally appeared on The RoarIt seems to be catching, like the sniffly cold your kid brings back from school that explodes into full-blown influenza and ravages the household. Except this isn’t merely a cold virus – it seems that several members of the cycling fraternity have developed collective amnesia.Forgetting, it would appear, … Continue reading doping amnesia rife in cycling

my Euro adventure 2011: part 2

'just make sure you don't get dropped.... oh, and don't crash anyone.' these were the wise and terrifying words of advice that my then-teammate Tjarco Cuppens offered with a mischievous smile as we drove into the city of Heerlen, located in the south of the Netherlands in the little tail of the country that nestles … Continue reading my Euro adventure 2011: part 2

my Euro adventure 2011 – part 1

crankpunk has been a fortunate cranker, it has to be said, and never was that more true than in August of 2011 and in February of this year, when i got the opportunity to ride with several of the biggest names in the sport. the first chance came when my then-teammate, Dutch rider Tjarco Cuppens … Continue reading my Euro adventure 2011 – part 1