Wiggins pissed up on the Graham Norton show

We all know Wiggo enjoys a pint or 8 but this is a bit cringeworthy in places! "Love, wipe me arse." Classy, Sir Brad! "There's a race in March called Milan-San Remo, which goes from Milan to San Remo." Uh-huh. Ah well, at least it wasn't on national TV or anything... He talks about how … Continue reading Wiggins pissed up on the Graham Norton show

crankpunk’s 2014: ‘swollen’ is the word

It's been quite a year here at crankpunk.com, quite a mad, mad 363 days and counting. The website has gone from strength to strength thanks largely to a bunch of angry Americans flipping out every time they hear the Holy Trinity (Lance, Levi & George) getting called out. I never go chasing numbers but I … Continue reading crankpunk’s 2014: ‘swollen’ is the word

Balls Out: naked cyclist fined for not wearing a helmet

  well, this certainly brings new meaning to that phrase. wonder if he was on the rivet? ah the pedantry of The Law. some dude in New Zealand is caught under the influence of alcohol and naked, whilst riding a bike. and is charge not with indecent exposure but with riding without a helmet. reminds … Continue reading Balls Out: naked cyclist fined for not wearing a helmet

cycling posters! thanks Liz!

what a find, and thanks to Liz Newbery for this. a bicycle posters page on FB. one of the best things i've seen on FB, in all honesty! that's the great, truly great thing about the bike - it just makes you smile, and there's plenty in these beauties to smile about. enjoy.

Dave Christensen, filmmaker

i know some very talented and pleasant human beings, and one of them is Dave Christensen. Dave makes films and very good ones at that. On top of that he's a pretty decent bike rider too. his new website is Il Gregario, showcasing his work. if you ever need a movie making, he's yer man. … Continue reading Dave Christensen, filmmaker