Martyn Ashton & friends, oh my goodness

by crankpunk this made me laugh. and gasp.and then as i read more about the film it brought a tear to me eye. holy flip. “It’s very different to what I planned but I’m really starting to love it and care for it,” Ashton said about the film. “It’s a brilliant collection — you can … Continue reading Martyn Ashton & friends, oh my goodness

cp vid #2: crankpunking in Singapore

yes, i'm in Singapore, over here to race in just a few short hours on Saturday morning, Batam 6 Bridges race, which you may have guessed, yes! is a race over 7 bridges. i like Singapore, it's kinda scary in that it is way too clean for a city but other than that it is … Continue reading cp vid #2: crankpunking in Singapore

Museeuw & the pave

if you've always wanted to see how Boonen does it and you haven't seen this site you should, as they run a service that offers you the chance to ride famous Belgian cobbles with none other than Johan Museeuw - so if you fancy a chat about doping with a former pro who confessed (years … Continue reading Museeuw & the pave

‘and if we must die, let it be riding’

crankpunk's been sat here feeling a bit gloomy as a result of yet another injury that means more time off the bike, which means more consoling junk food and even more huffing and puffing to be done when i finally do get back in the saddle. then i came upon this fantastically wonderful short film … Continue reading ‘and if we must die, let it be riding’